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Swift Camp Creek

Daniel Boone National Forest

Swift Camp Creek is located on the eastern side of the Red River Gorge within the Clifty Wilderness. Along with Indian Creek these areas have been deemed designated wilderness areas and are federally protected, or so we hope!

There are multiple routes available to access the creek, a long to moderate hike to a short walk from parking areas.

Along KY-715 there are a handful of access points from gravel pull offs to established parking lots. Short skips to the creek, long hikes and overnight backpacking opportunities exist along the creek.


There are multiple trailheads leading down to swift camp creek, grab a map and plan your hiking trip!


Stocking this creek is tough, volunteers load the trout into backpacks and hikes them down to the creek, only releasing 1,000 total rainbows split between the months of April and October. The catch and release season extends to May 31st on this creek. Handle these fish with care! If you can spend enough time exploring Swift Camp Creek you may even find some hold overs or the long lost silver mine of John Swift!

I like to call these stocked rainbows my silver treasure!


One thing I know about the area, bear are present and there are a TON of copperheads. In my experiences they show up around June/July, one overnight trip we encountered 20+!





Primitive style backpack or short hike from the car are the only style of camping available on Swift Camp Creek.

An overnight or multi-day permit is required and must be visible inside your vehicle. The closest gas station is in Slade about 25 minutes from the trail head. Do not camp in the marked off rehabilitation areas.

A more established camping option is Koomer Ridge campground located between Slade, KY and lower swift camp creek. It is a 20 minute drive to lower swift camp creek from the campground.