Louisville, Ky




Equipment & Notes


Long Run Park

Long Run Park Rd

Louisville ky 40254

Long Run Park is located off Flat Rock Rd or Long Run Rd in Louisville Kentucky, near Long Run Golf Course. The park is home to a decent sized lake with plenty of picnic areas with BBQ pits, plenty of parking, and a boat ramp open to non- gas-powered boats. This is a great place to spend the day fly fishing or go for a few hours after work on the weekdays when the park isn’t as active! Check out a PDF  Map Here !


Expect to target sunfish, bass, or if you’re lucky maybe a grass carp for some Ky bone fishing! I’ve not spent enough time here to say it’s good or great, I did catch plenty of fish but nothing with size.


There’s a lot of area to cover, don’t let that intimidate you, break the lake down in sections. Go even further breaking the section down into areas based on the fly you intend on using. The wind is a bit tricky as it blows across the lake pushing you around. Bring an anchor if you prefer to stay in one place. On busy days check your back casts, other floaters don’t pay much attention, and most are not aware of the room we require!


I’ve had plenty of action running poppers along the edges of the lake especially the dam area but have spent very little time in the depths where the bigger fish probably reside. I’ve heard and seen some massive top water hits out in the middle but haven’t pursued any. Bait fish seem to be plentiful, you’ll see minnows all over the place! Some sinking line and my 8 weight might be inline for my next adventure to Long Run Park!