Fly Fishing

in Kentucky

Kentucky is home to numerous species of fish willing and ready to take your fly! Bass, carp, musky, trout, and plenty of others inhabit over 1,900 miles of navigable waterways, tons of wadeable water, plus numerous ponds, and lakes, your opportunities to go fishing seem endless!

Many fly fishing anglers call Kentucky home, not all of us fish for trout, some grew up fishing bluegill and bass in a farm or neighborhood pond! Kentucky fly fishers represent a wide variety of styles and different species targeted. A lot of knowledge exists in the community, its up to you to engage in it!

KY on the Fly is here to provide anyone interested in fly fishing in the state, useful and accurate information on what to expect based on what a local couple has experienced! We even have some videos of the action!

As time goes on Ky on the Fly will evolve and grow! We hope you find it easy to use and informative! Check back often for new content, if you do go on an adventure fly fishing in Kentucky we’d love to hear about it!


Fly Fishing Floats

The name says it all, floating paired with fly fishing!


Our floats are here to entertain, inform visually, and provide you with the confidence of knowing what to expect because you’ve seen it!



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